Lee University- A Place To Be

Lee University

Lee University is a small, private christian college located in Cleveland, Tennessee.  It started in 1918 with 12 students as a small bible training Institute called Church of God Bible Training Institute. It’s a christ centred university  that upholds the highest ideals and rigorous Christian discipline. Lee inspires her students to be more and work with them to achieve it.

Lee university is a private comprehensive university beautifully located at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains which makes the campus a sight to behold. The University has consistently emerged as one of the best schools in the region with top ranking from most reviews.

Lee is a Christian institution offering liberal arts and professional education on both baccalaureate and graduate level through  residential and distance learning program 

Lee is about the largest christ-centred university in Tennessee and this has been so for about two decades now and throughout that period  the university has grown in many areas. The academic programs have been expanded and so has students enrolment , increase in faculty and diversity

Some Facts About Lee University 

The mascot of the university is flames and the school was founded in 1918, the present university president is Dr Charles Paul Conn. and the student/faculty ratio is 15:1. Is is considered one of the most affordable Christian university as attested to by Christian Universities Online. Its adult learning program is ranked the top 50 within the country.


Aside the beauty of the campus , another interesting thing about the place is the size, it is 120 acres of beautiful land in the plains of a scenic mountain containing students from 52 countries .


Lee seek to build an around student. spiritually mature and relevant to the times. The university puts a lot of attention to delivering knowledge in away that will make the students develop into the best global citizens to serve a world in need. It

Notable Alumni

The University has produced great names in different fields but we will name just a few

  1. Charles Paul Conn

This is man who graduated from lee college and came back much later to serve as school president , a position he occupied till 2020 when he retired to become chancellor.

2. Nathan Chapman is an American record  producer

 Who worked in the field of country music  and primary worked with Taylor swift producing her albums. He was nominated for a grammy award. He is an alumni if Lee University.


It is very hard to finally settle on a particular college because the options are just too numerous.  Lee is a special place for special people . The University is designed to dazzle and to inspire . Built upon a godly foundation and a moral compass that always reminds one to keep on the true and barrow path. The admission process at lee is not stressful because  of the caring professionals and system that are built o make it easy for you.

Common Majors

 Lee has over a hundred majors and the faculty is well trained to handle each program. There are many learning opportunities on campus that makes experiential learning the norm.

The University has six colleges and a reputation for personal attention to each her student.

The colleges are

  1. College of art and science 
  2. Helen Davos college of education 
  3. School of Business 
  4. School of music 
  5. School of nursing 
  6. School of religion 

The University is affiliated to the church of God at Tennessee and the education that is on offer is both of high quality and affordable.

Read more about Lee University on the official website 


Lee University is one of the best school in its region with great reviews . It has a strong religious affiliation and is established in offering a high quality education at a low price.

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