Los Angeles Valley College-How To Apply.

Los Angeles Valley College

There are places where higher education is both affordable and accessible. That is Los Angeles valley college. It is a peaceful, eco-friendly home for the future minded. Where a beautiful balance exists between price and quality. LAVC is welcoming and calm with very high academic and moral standards .

La valley college

Los Angeles valley college has been an astounding educational institution in the San Fernando valley for more than 50 years. Since 1949 when it was established it has grown into a vibrant community of ambitious young people and is often referred to as the valley of stars. It provides professional training, degrees and life long training to about 16,000 students. 

Applying To LAVC

To start your applications, go to the LAVC website

The first thing you need to do is to create an OpenCCC this account can be used to apply to any college in California community college system . You will need an email address to open this account. The OpenCCC application system just ask for some basic information about you, make sure that you supply the right information . A social security number is not compulsory in completing this application.

Save the email that will be sent to you. You will need to select the term you are applying for, your education goal, major category and your intended major.

LAVC Stats

LAVC has the following stats :

  • Best nursing school in Los Angeles .
  • Best mass communication college in Los Angeles .
  • 72% Retention rate
  • 21% Graduation rate 
  • 9% Transfer-Out rate
  • Student /Faculty ratio is 24:1
  • 100% Acceptance rate.
  • No application fee.
  • 27% of the undergraduates are above 25 years of age.
  • $ 31, 900 median salary after graduation .

LAVC Tuition 

For out-of-state students the tuition is about $7,538 and In-state students pay $1,222. Part time students pay higher fees.

LAVC Portal 

 This is the online platform through which students, staff and faculty login to carry out activities online . Students can register courses , check their timetable and pay fees.

LAVC Canvas

 This is the platform the online education for students and faculty of lavc . To make the most from it students should use a pc when accessing it.


Los Angeles valley college is good in many academic areas but it is exceptionally distinguished training for jobs in areas like

  • Robotics
  • Architecture 
  • Emergency management 
  • Manufacturing 


This is a course at the heart of modern engineering . The college has a sound robotics program with the relevant tools needed to effectively teach it.


The architecture program at LAVC is recognised for its hands-on approach and creativity .

Emergency Management 

This is another program that appeals to many undergraduates because it is a hot area and many opportunities abound . Los Angeles valley college is one of the schools training professionals in this area.

Manufacturing .

California is the home of manufacturing and big companies . Los Angeles valley college is here to ensure that such big corporations have the skilled hands to work .


Some facilities on ground include:

-Olympic size swimming pool

-Child development centre.


-Students services centre

-Research Library

Olympic size swimming pool

Students use it both for recreation and for practice . It is fun place to be in. 

Child development centre.

This is one special facility in LAVC because it fulfils their core need o train the trainers of the future . This modern and state-of-the art centre help meet the educational need of future teachers.The all-new child development centre is a learning hub where future teachers are groomed.


Los Angeles valley college is one of the few schools that have a planetarium. It is huge and functional and serve both the school and community.

lavc library 

To meet the high demand for STEM graduates , the college established this hi-tech lab to train students. The lavc library is a state-of-the-art library that offers not just access to academic materials for research but other services like lending and online access .


This is the email extension that ends the email which every new student of lavc is given for official correspondence .

students services centre

Your one-stop shop for everything that has to do with welfare of students on campus .

Athletics at lavc 

Los Angeles valley college is the home of the Monachs, which is the name of the college athletic team. 

Los Angeles valley college is the largest community college in Californiaand thus has a great number of athletic talent who have a large fan base among the students community .

Student Population

There are about 16,000 students . 


Los Angeles valley college is a modern innovative institution of higher learning that is leading other community college.

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