Oulu University Masters Scholarship, deadlines and worth

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The university of Oulu in Finland  provides scholarships to academically exceptional students  who are not members of the European Economic area, EEA or European Union and are liable to pay tuition . The scholarship is open to citizens of all other countries. The scholarship is meant for international masters  students who come in the Oulu university to study for a 2-year masters program.

university of oulu  Finland scholarship

The University of Oulu has mainly two categories of scholarships   for international  students . The first category of students  will be granted a fee waiver of about 50% and applicant can apply for this category of scholarship as part of their normal application. This category is  for a two year masters program for business  courses such as finance and economics .

The second  category provides a 75% fee waiver for a two year masters program in all other academic programs offered  at Oulu except  business  courses.

oulu  scholarship  foundation

This refers to the scholarship  fund set up by the university of Oulu  to provide support to its students  by granting  scholarships  for postgraduate  studies. The foundation  receives  donations of all kind and the amount of scholarships given out per year depends on the profit made on the investment of the donations . The recipients  of the scholarship awards are to report to the foundation  the progress of their research , after a year.

the areas in which the masters program is available

The Oulu University masters scholarship is available in the following masters program only;

  1. Architectural design.
  2. Biomedical Engineering
  3. Computer Science
  4. Environmental Engineering .
  5. Ecology and population genetics.
  6. Mineral resources and Sustainable mining.
  7. Education and Globalisation.
  8. Learning, Education and Technology.
  9. Product Management.
  10. Protein Science and Biotechnology.
  11. Software, systems and Services Development in Global Environment.
  12. Wireless Communication and Engineering.

duration of the scholarship

The award is for one academic year and it covers the complete  tuition fees required of international masters students at Oulu university. To maintain the scholarship for the second academic year the students is expected to compete 55 ECTS by the first academic year otherwise the student will pay for his or her tuition . The exception to this rule is a case in which the student was granted leave of absence due to a major illness.

who is eligible to apply for the Oulu university scholarship

The Oulu university welcomes thousands of students each year who come to improve  their prospect with the high quality education offered in the European country of Finland which has one of the best qualities of life. To be considered for the Oulu university scholarship and stand a chance of being selected , the international masters student must meet the following criteria ;

  1. The applicant must be a non EU/EEA citizen who does not possess a permanent residence in Finland.
  2. The applicant must be eligible to apply for a master program at Oulu university. In other words, candidates must meet all the admission requirements as the scholarship can only be awarded to students who are able to get admission into Oulu university .
  3. The applicant must have obtained his or her Bachelor’s degree from any institution of higher learning.
  4. The applicants are expected to show a very high proficiency of English language as the test results of approve testing methods may be required .
  5. Applicants  who are in their last year of studies can still apply to the university of Oulu for a masters program and a scholarship . The applicants who get an offer of study placement for a masters program will receive a conditional scholarship.

value of the scholarship

The tuition fee for international masters students is covered  by the scholarship but it does not cover living expenses , it does not cover cost of accommodation , meals and transportation as students have to pay for these themselves.

how to apply for the scholarship

All students who are applying to the masters scholarship are required to complete the application form on the school officiallwebsite.  But the candidates who are applying for the university of Oulu international masters program have to in addition to the basic application for placement have to apply separately for the scholarship program which is attached at the end of the student application  form.


The Oulu university scholarship is available to students who are not EU citizens who come to the University of Oulu for the international masters program which is available in certain fields. The scholarship support the international students by paying for their tuition fees only. The number of available scholarship positions is unspecified but they seek to support academically sound international student to successfully obtain their masters degree in Finland.

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